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AMD to Supply Chips for Samsung UMPC



When Origami / Ultra-Mobile PC was announced, there were some pretty lofty goals set for the platform.  A $599 price point, 8+ hours of battery life, “wearable” form factors, etc.  Meeting those is proving to be a tough thing for OEM’s, but it looks  like Samsung is working toward them a step at a time.  Korean Times is reporting this:

“After seeing the unsatisfactory debut of the world’s first Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) this spring, Samsung Electronics is planning to sell the next version of the mini PC at a bargain price, starting this fall. The upcoming UMPC will hit the market around September and the price may go down to below 700,000 won, from over 1.2 million for the initial Q1 model, a company insider said Friday. To lower the price, Samsung will use CPUs made by AMD instead of expensive Intel chips, the Samsung official said on condition of anonymity. Also, subsidies from KT for its WiBro wireless Internet service contract may help drop the price further, he said.”

I hope the prices do keep falling, and they fall fast!  Read the full text of the story here.

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