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AMD’s XGP – Totally Awesome



amd2 006I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time, and AMD has brought it.

Imagine running three or more external monitors off your laptop, two of which are running off of a dedicated graphics card ( ie, HD 4800), the other off an integrated card. Using AMD’s XGP (external graphics platform) technology you can. Here is how it will work

Using a PCIe 2.0 port, a cable connects to an external box containing the dedicated cards. The box will be developed by OEMs and will connect to laptops or tablet pcs that have PCIe 2.0 ports. AMD’s XGP software manages the process of sending video to the proper video cards and disconnecting the. This enables a mobile user to run graphic intensive applications using discrete graphics, output to multiple monitors, and more. The particular box below is manufactured by Fujitsu and has two USB ports and is powering two monitors by HDMI and DVI. Imagine an OEM coming out with a box that will support two to three external cards.

This solution will only work with laptops / tablet pcs that have integrated ATI cards for the first year of availability. It will be available to run on other integrated solutions after that first year. Fujitsu will begin manufacturing of the first box in August, with OEMs announcing other solutions at CES 2009. The Fujitsu solution is estimated to retail for about $450 – $500.

Dell, I want this. HP, I want this. Toshiba, I want this. Lenovo, I want this. Motion Computing, I want this. OQO, I want this! Please begin supporting PCIe 2.0 in your upcoming tablets.

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