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Amiibo, $50 Credit Among Blockbuster PS4 Deals



Ahead of the Easter Holidays in the United States, retailer Target is slashing the cost on big name games for the Xbox One, offering cheap Amiibo figures for the Nintendo Wii U and giving every PS4 shopper $5 in credit.

News of Target’s ridiculous game deals first surface this past Sunday when the retailer posted online versions of is weekly ad promising deep discounts on relatively new games and even the consoles themselves. Like most deals offered by Target, whether the savings included in the ad are available for you depends on where you live and whether Target has any of the items still left on store shelves.

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As far as the Xbox One is concerned, there’s not much savings to be had. Target is advertising the Halo: The Master Chief Collection Xbox One bundle that Microsoft and other retailers are also selling for $349.99. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is the massive compilation of Halo games that include John 117. It originally arrived on store shelves last year. That being said, headlining the games deal is a $50 Target gift card for users who purchase the PS4 bundle that contains a digital copy of The Last of Us Remastered. The Last of Us originally launched in 2013, but was remade with better graphics and access to downloadable content for PS4 users last year. Besides new graphics there’s an improved combat mechanic and other extras included in the later version bundled in this PS4 deal. Amazon currently sells the The Last of Us Remastered for $47.49.

Battlefield Hardline, Evolve, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto 5, Bloodborne, MLB 15: the Show and NBA 2K15 are among the titles that Xbox One and PS4 users can pick up with a buy one get one free offer directly from Target this week. All of those games are relatively new, meaning any savings for users at this point is a pretty decent bonus.

Joining the impressive list of games on sale at Target are big discounts on Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 and Skylanders Trap Team. Skylanders Trap Team normally costs $69.99, but its on sale for $39.99 this week. The Disney Infinity Starter pack is normally $74.99, but costs just $39.99 this week. Late last year Nintendo revealed is own plastic figures that add different classic characters to their games. Nintendo calls their figures Amiibo and sells them individually. Target’s blockbuster games deals this week include a 25% discount on individual Amiibo, Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures. This part of the Target games deals alone is big news as the physical characters rarely go on-sale without being resold used at places like GameStop.

Of course, with deals like this there are terms and conditions. Target says that user can only purchase a single PS4 Last of Us bundle and get the $50 gift card. Additionally, the $50 Target Gift Card can only be used for a future purchase. Presumably, store employees won’t have a problem with shoppers paying for games or other accessories separate from their PS4 console purchase.

The Buy One Get One Half Off doesn’t exactly have any onerous terms, but doesn’t include one caveat. Target says that it stores will only chop half off the game that costs the least of the two shoppers purchase. In doing so Target has ensured that users who purchase the most recent titles stand to save more than those who buy cheaper titles.

The advertisement does note that its stores aren’t giving out rain checks for the games. Target is also offering $30 gift cards with the purchase of the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. These deals will end on Sunday, April 5th.

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