An Arachnid Like Approach to Tablet and Phone Stands from Breffo
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An Arachnid Like Approach to Tablet and Phone Stands from Breffo



Eesny weensy mobile gadgets occasionally need eensy weensy stands to help hold them in place. And Tablets do as well. The folks at Breffo have come up with a couple of stands for mobile gadgets that have enough legs to cling on to just about anything you might want them to cling on to. The Spiderpodium is meant for smartphones (and I guess non-smartphones) and the Spiderpodium Tablet is meant, well for Tablets.

Both use articulated legs or appendages that let you wrap up your device and wrap around, or lean on whatever you want to attach your device to-whether that be in your home, your office, or your auto. The legs are easily bendable, and there are enough of them that the possibilities seem endless. Testing both models out, they work as advertised, and offer a range of options for you to play around with.

The Spiderpodium comes with a hole in the center that is designed to allow you to slip a charging or syncing cable through to your device. A nice feature of this wrap around approach is that you don’t have to take your device out of a case or Smart Cover to prop up or hang up your device.

And hey, if you want to you can make cute spider-like creatures to play with.




1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Roger J

    04/14/2011 at 9:23 pm

    Thanks, eensy-weensy Hannibal Lector look-alike – ;-)))))))

    Seriously, a practical piece of kit, VERY adaptable!

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