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An Emotional Attachment To Paper?



Alistair Dabbs raises some interesting points in this blog post, No Emotional Attachment to Paper,  about the future advancement of digital replacements for paper. He doesn’t think that we are quite there yet, nor will we be in the next generation of digital devices (ebook readers, Tablet PCs, etc…) Here’s a snippet:

“And what about “unbreakable”? If the history of computer development is anything to go by, each new generation of hardware gets more fragile, and the software more flaky, not less. How long will it really be until we can drop e-readers on the floor or fold up a large sheet of e-paper and stuff it in our back pockets? If it’s electronic, it’ll break. It always does.”

Tough to argue with some of his perspective, but it is interesting that it was written as a blog post, don’t cha think? What are your thoughts?


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