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I have to admit it — ever since I read Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s book Naked Conversations“, I have changed the way I think about communications in general, but especially on the internet (it’s kinda scary to know that Scoble got that far into my brain, but hey — it’s true).

When Rob and I first decided to start this site we talked about what would make us unique, and we had several good ideas. We would include the “InkShows” (Camtasia videos), a similar concept for hardware reviews using video as well, and be committed to up to date, fresh content every day. Sounds like a great list, right? We think so.

However…, in an email conversation the other day, someone asked for our “position” (thanks Jim ), and that got me really thinking that we really were still missing that. If we just share news and software / hardware information, we are like everyone else. That is great activity, but between Jim’s question, and the “Naked Conversation” stuff stored somewhere in my brain, I came up with a better overal answer to Jim’s question. Here is an excerpt of what I then wrote to Jim, which I share with you as a naked conversation about our “position” here at

“….’s mission has a primary purpose, served by two “sub goals”. Sub-goal #1 is to educate, inform, and evangelize the consumer who can benefit from the advantages mobile technology can provide (which is just about everyone in my mind), with a focus on Tablet PC technology. Secondly, we want to provide a conduit for vendors to inform, be informed, evaluate, and RESPOND to those peoples needs in goal number one! Our primary purpose then is education and conversation, between the consumer (be it individual or business) and the vendors supplying solutions. As you may have seen from some of Rob’s posts, we are reaching out to the vendor community in an attempt to get them to join the “conversation” with consumers in a way that allows not just information to flow, but needs to be understood on both sides of the street. Right now what he have up is news, “InkShows”, and a small tad of editorial comment. Look for that to expand as we invite more direct day to day information from vendors in a blogging style as opposed to PR and corpspeak. We refuse to regurgitate a press release, nor will we encourage consumer conversations without vendor response opportunities! We are in process of getting two interviews done with some major players in the Tablet PC arena, and will be pursuing that on a regular basis in a hope to start vendor to consumer conversations. We also want to start gathering all the good blogging stuff going on out there in news feeds as a sort of tablet pc news aggregator, and we hope to see blogs from tablet influential people be a part of that!

So as you see, we are not after just consumer conversation (ala forums), or News releases and computer stats (ala news sites, etc.), we are after “Naked Conversations” as referenced in Scobles book ….

That was my feedback to Jim, and what we hope for at GottaBeMobile. Won’t you join us for the conversation? You are invited to do something different, where all will benefit from the flow of information in both directions. If you are a vendor, be available, be honest, ask and answer hard questions. Be open, talk about the issues keeping you from producing exactly the product or service the consumer wants. If you are a consumer, also be open, give good quality feedback (be it positive or negative) in such as way as to influence positive change (flaming and bashing vendors is not a good way to promote change), and enjoy the process. I think Vendors want to hears consumers opinions, I think consumers want to hear directly from vendors. This conversation is good! Seems pretty simple to me, and Scoble has plenty of stories he can share about how that very same conversation has resulted in good change.

So come to the party and get naked. We’ll supply the bandwidth, and the togas…….

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