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An SD USB combo card



When I was with Dennis at CES in January, we got to see one the new SanDisk 1GB Ultra II SD Plus USB cards cards – they are very cool.

I just picked one up from up from and am now storing it in my Treo 700W. When I go to a customer site and need to get some files from the client computer, I just flip open the USB part of the SD card, slide it into the USB port on the computer and transfer away. No need to carry extra thumb drives since I always have my phone with me and the card is stored in the phone. It is also pretty useful if your computer doesn’t support sd cards since this sd card has usb built right in. has them on sale for $63.98 and free shipping  – which is about $26 less than I paid for it last week. They retail for $149. I’m not sure how long that sale will last.

Something useful for you to add to your mobile kit.


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