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An Update on Marc Orchant



Michael Sampson has posted an update on Marc Orchant’s condition on the comment thread of the original post.

Thursday December 6, 3.45pm Pacific
I called the hospital for an update, and spoke with Ed, Marc’s brother from the East Coast. He said that it is still very touch and go. There has been some physiological improvement, some organs have stabilized, but Marc has still not yet regained consciousness. As such, they still have no update on brain functioning, or how long he was without oxygen. He has opened his eyes a few times today and tracked light. Ed and all the family who are there are hopeful that every hour brings improvement. Someone is with him all the time, and they are looking forward to him opening his eyes and saying, “so what’s happening?”.

Marc’s iPhone is in his pocket, playing the music that he loves constantly.

The family is grateful for the worldwide support network.

Please keep the prayers and good thoughts heading Marc’s way.

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