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Android M Developer Preview 2: Quick Look at What’s New



Android 5.2 Confirmed!

Android 5.2 Confirmed!

Google likes to have a little fun with things, like Easter Eggs. When they update apps the screenshots on the Google Play Store or Google websites always use the version of Android as the time being shown on the clock. So it will read 4:40 for the time back during the KitKat days. Recently app updates you'll see 5:10 being shows since the latest major release is Android 5.0 Lollipop.

While digging through the ewn System Tuner UI mentioned above there's a new Demo mode where users can hide all the status bar icons to make a clean look for screenshots, and the time reads 5:20 for the time. Android 5.2 confirmed, maybe.

Now we just need to know the name. Milkshake, Milky Way, Marshmallow, Mud Pie. Who knows?

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