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Android Market hits 100,000 apps and Windows Phone hits 1,000



What a contrast. Android has been around a few more days than “Windows Phone 7” though. I wonder if anyone has ever added up how many Pocket PC and Windows Mobile apps are out there. I’d be willing to bet that it’s quite an impressive number. Unfortunately, those apps were never assembled in a single source store like Apple and Google have done. You had developers selling their apps direct, you had Pocketgear, Handango, and a few other software stores out there. It was a mess and I am glad Microsoft took this chapter from the Apple book.

So, today @AndroidDev announced via tweet that the Android Market has hit the 100,000 app milestone. Apple hit this milestone about a year earlier than Google did, but it’s still quite impressive. (via BGR)

According to Neowin, the Windows Phone Marketplace hit the 1,000 app milestone today. That’s decent considering that the US retail release hasn’t even happened yet. There were lots of mixed numbers floating around about how many apps Microsoft expected on November 7th. As long as there is a decent Twitter client, I will be ok with 1,000.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. GTaylor

    10/26/2010 at 5:15 pm

    I picked up an iPAQ 211 to keep portable computing away from the phone bill. Good screen for clips and text. You are right about the WinMobile app market being fragged. Several of the online suppliers that Brighthand shows are not online any longer. What resource for Win 6 classic would you recommend.

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