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Android Wear Brings the Matrix Code to Your Wrist



Now that Android Wear devices like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are readily available to users we’re starting to see developers embrace the platform and start building apps and watch faces. Everything from games, custom launchers, and now a Matrix code or “falling code” watch face is available.

Last month Google announced and released its brand new wearable operating system for devices like a smartwatch or Google Glass, called Android Wear. It was first debuted and teased back in March, and finally arrived in two new products earlier this month. The Moto 360 is up next to support Android Wear, and developers are busy making excellent apps for the new wearable platform.

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This weekend a Wear Mini Launcher app arrived to fix a big problem with launching apps on Android Wear, but for those wanting something more aesthetically pleasing we have a brand new watch face worth checking out. Taking you all the way back to 1999, this is the Matrix falling code for Android Wear.


There is a lot that Android Wear does extremely well, even though the operating system is still brand new and in its infancy. Running on Android allows for developers to quickly and easily create apps and watch faces, and only a few weeks after launch multiple options are starting to arrive. In fact, there’s already more apps that fully support Android Wear than there currently is for Google Glass.

Even though each Android Wear smartwatch comes bundles with an array of watch faces and features, users will likely be searching for more options once they receive their smartwatch. Motorola even ran a competition for developers to create the best faces, shown here, so watch faces are about to be a popular app download for Android Wear.

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What you see below is a brand new watch face for Android Wear called “Matrix Face for Android Wear” Essentially bringing the iconic (and nostalgic) falling code from the Matrix movies to our wrists. It’s just a simple watch face that shows a digital clock, then has a neat effect of falling code.

Obviously this isn’t as simple or smooth as some faces, so it’s plausible that the Matrix face app will drain battery life worse than some apps, but so far we’ve not noticed anything extremely severe. Once the screen dims for battery saver mode you get the same black background with a faded and dim white clock to preserve that precious battery life.


Spotted by Russel Holly over on Google+, the new Matrix Face for Android Wear is available right now absolutely free from the Google Play Store. However this is the first release and the clock time being in the middle of the display gets covered by some larger cards on Android Wear, like incoming messages, but expect fixes in the nearby future as Android Wear and apps continue to improve compatibility.

So far Android Wear adopting seems to be coming along quite smooth, and we can expect more and more apps and watch faces to arrive all summer long. The Moto 360 is the most hotly anticipated new smartwatch, and more are coming later this year from Fossil Watch Group, HTC and multiple other manufacturers..

That all said, if the Matrix code isn’t your thing try the Flopsy Droid Flappy Bird clone game for Android Wear, which is also quite fun. It’s one of the first games for Android Wear, but more are appearing daily and should continue to emerge as the Android Wear platforms grows and evolves.

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1 Comment

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