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Think Your Christmas Lights Are Impressive? They Are Nothing Compared To This Angry Birds Setup



People who go overboard with their Christmas light displays scare me. It’s particularly appalling when they do so to compete with or annoy neighbors. However, every now and then someone creates a display so overboard yet so cool you can’t help admiring it even as you cringe thinking about the electricity bill they’re going to get in January.

Such is the case with this Angry Birds Christmas light display that sort of works as a game.

There is an actual controller, and it utilizes audio from the game, but actual gameplay is more novelty than anything else.

Still, it’s pretty darn cool. Except if you live across the street. Then it’s time to buy some heavy blackout curtains.

The person who designed this display apparently also did a Guitar Hero-themed one in years past that was a working game. I want to see Fruit Ninja next.

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