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Angry Birds Launches On Facebook Today



As promised late last month, Rovio finally took the sheet off the newest version of Angry Birds, now for Facebook. Anyone who’s played the game on a smartphone, tablet, in Google Chrome or elsewhere will be able to slide right in to gameplay.

But Rovio didn’t just port the game to a new platform. They added elements to Facebook it up, including leaderboards, in-game purchases (beyond the Mighty Eagle), and rewards for playing every day and leveling up.

If you fire up the game today you get a Valentine’s treat of some free power ups. Sweet.

Angry Birds Facebook

It doesn’t take much to get me addicted to Angry Birds all over again, but the available power ups may just keep me playing it in Facebook exclusively for a while. There’s a birdquake power that shakes the screen just enough to tumble unstable pigs. There’s a laser sight that shows you exactly where your bird will land, an uber slingshot that gives any bird extra power, and super seeds that up the size and mass of a bird.

Some power up affect the whole screen, like bird quake, but others only affect the bird currently on the slingshot. You can apply them at any time, but it looks like you can only use two in a go.

Once you run out of your initial power ups you can buy more in the shop. There’s likely a way to earn more as well. Plus, each time you log in you get a mystery prize. The more consecutive days you play in a row, the more prizes you get. Rovio has obviously studied other popular FB games.

I like that you can play the game full screen and that the zoom out/zoom in function is available. Gameplay is exactly what I’d expect, and so far everything runs smooth.

The thing I’m looking forward to is finally being better at a game than some of my more intense FB gaming friends. I am behind in Bejeweled Blitz, Zuma Blitz, and Pet Society. This will not do! I am sure I’m better at Angry Birds than anyone I know. However, it is annoying to have to start the game over again. I’m so beyond these easy screens!

Right now there are three different levels and you don’t have to defeat a screen to get at them. Plus there’s a Facebook exclusive. Hopefully new levels will arrive before I’ve defeated all of these.

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