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gottabesurfacelogo We’ve been following Microsoft’s Surface technology since it was announced in June, and for right reason. It uses a lot of the same technology we are used to covering on GBM: ink, touch, multi-touch, etc. However, it takes interaction to a whole new level, and it isn’t quite mobile and not exactly a tablet pc :-).

Microsoft’s Surface technology will be used primarily in vertical markets like hospitality, restaurants, entertainment, and eventually be marketed to the consumer for home use.

After talking with a few folks ( thanks, Lora! ) and aligning Surface against our primary coverage on GBM, I decided Surface needed its own dedicated focus from GBM. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the launch of to cover this space more thoroughly: news, reviews, and discussion forums! As Microsoft gets closer to an official launch this winter, there will be plenty to cover in this new area. Could I envision Surface being used in our home? Maybe. Check out this article for my thoughts on what it might mean for the home and some challenges facing home integration.

In addition, we are using Telligent’s Community Server to host the site as a test for possibly migrating to Community Server at a later point. It has ink support, so it is an obvious choice for us.

We hope you enjoy the site and that it will help you follow Surface technology in the  same way you are used to with

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