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Announcing the HP Data Vault giveaway



We are a society of multimedia consumers.  We store thousands of pictures, videos, documents, games, etc on our computers hard drives, on USB drives, on portable drives and now in cloud storage solutions.  We consume multimedia like its our favorite candy.  And with consumption comes storage.  We never seem to have enough for all of this.  I have several associates that have 1TB of storage set up at home and they are still running low.  What is a person to do?

Well, Gottabemobile, in conjunction with six other tech sites, is working with HP to help you solve your storage needs.  How? Each site will be giving away an HP Data Vault x510 valued at somewhere around $700.  A HP Data Vault is a great storage solution.  Our own Warner Crocker has been evaluating one for us and will have his own thoughts about it up soon.

Every site will be running their own contest, so please go to their sites to see how they will be giving away such a great prize.  GBM will be holding our contest in May.

Here is a list of the sites participating, and their scheduled giveway dates:

Please stay tuned here as well as the other participating sites to get your chance to win an HP Data Vault.  I know I want one.  Time to start that storage fund.

    1 Comment

    1 Comment

    1. Ken Xu

      04/14/2010 at 8:42 pm

      Did you forgot to mention about the creative? :)
      Well, this is a great month filled with HP giveaway. Readers will enjoy this kind of contest and 10 lucky winners will be chosen (7 + 3 creatives). Good luck with yours and thanks for your link to our site! :D



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