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Another new UMPC / Origami device?



I picked this up from a Google search, so the information is a bit sketchy, but Stuff Magazine in the UK is reporting a new entrant into the UMPC market, the “H70” from ECS, a Taiwanese company. I noticed a similar post on UMPCBuzz as well. Here is the image attached to the Stuff story. If you zoom it, it looks to me like this says…. FOUNDER on the top left. So what’s the deal? Is this the same machine? Here’s the scoop as reported by Stuff:

“….. Following the grand entrances of the GPS-loaded Asus R2H and Samsung Q1 [story here], the H70 brings a new trick to the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) party – a 1.3MP camera. Its weight of 830g means it’s something of a house-brick in digicam terms, but there’s plenty of other functionality to make it worthwhile building up your forearms. Like all self-respecting UMPCs, it has a 7in WVGA (800×480 pixels) screen and the wireless combo of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You also get the choice of a pacy 1Ghz Intel Pentium processor or value 900Mhz Intel Celeron brain, and a 3-in-1 card reader should mean it’s a multimedia gannet.”

But the downside is the reported battery life:

“Interestingly, the H70 gives us the first inkling of a UMPC’s expected battery life – it’ll go for 2 hours out of its docking station, which is a bit rubbish considering some ultraportable laptops last twice that long. It also means those marketing visions of beaming mobile workers breezing around Wi-Fi cafes all day without charging their mini-tablets might be a tad optimistic”.

This is the first I have seen or heard on this model. Anyone out there that can confirm or deny this new model?

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