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Another "Oh-No!!!" moment for the Lenovo X60 Tablet




Here we go again. “Oh-No!!!” were not my exact words, but I’m sure you catch the drift. The very same X60 tablet that Rob reported having dropped in this post has had another incident. I am very happy (understatement of the year) to report that it came out with an equally good outcome.

While hanging out (in bed) this past Saturday morning, checking out the latest posts at my favorite tablet PC and UMPC news source,, it happened again. Yes, to the very same Lenovo X60 tablet. I was enjoying my coffee in bed, checking out the latest news/posts and answering a few emails when the phone rang. Just like I have done soooooo many times, I carefully put the coffee down, and reached over to my wife’s side of the bed for the phone; that’s when it happened. A quick scuffing sound, and then BBLLLAAAAMMMM! The X60 slid off the lapdesk and onto the floor from about 3 or so feet. From the sound of it, I just knew I had just ripped off the display, and destroyed not one, but two hard drives. I was so preoccupied with the crash, I can’t even remember who called or if I even answered the phone.

Unlike Rob’s mishap where the unit was powered down, mine was powered up, and in the process of downloading the DreamScene Ultimate extra that Matt recently posted about. It was also docked to the Lenovo UltraBase with my UltraBase 2nd HDD installed. My heart sank and instantly a lump formed in my throat and a knot in my stomach. You know that “I’m about to get sick” feeling we have all had at one time or another. As soon as I could breathe, I peeked over the side of the bed to check out the damage. Much to my surprise, it was still in one piece, and still in the process of downloading. I picked the unit up, fixed the display that had flipped around and was back where I had left off. I quickly canceled the download and saved a draft of the email so that I could inspect the unit more closely. Not a scratch. Man was I relieved. You can imagine what my first word was, but my second one was “WOW!”.

My next thought was to check out the ThinkVantage Active Protection system to see if it had detected the drop. Again nothing. Whew! I must be living right. Not a single recorded event. No, I did not do the “Elf dance”, I can’t dance either Rob, but I did feel like I had just won the lottery. Like Rob I now have a new, first hand respect for the quality and durability of these Lenovo units. The X60’s can most certainly take a licking and keep on inking!

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