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Another Set of Eee PCs Released



image They people over at SlashGear have some specs and information about the new round of Eee PC’s that seem to be released each week these days…  This set is a group of XP Eee’s, Yep that means they are running Windows XP.  No information on if these are going to be released here in the states, but maybe soon…

ASUS list the 901 XP as using an Intel Atom N270 CPU, while the others merely say “Intel Mobile processor”; that could mean anything from a humdrum 900MHz Celeron.  Pricing is NT$16,988 (US$542) for the 1000HD XP, NT$14,988 (US$479) for the 904HD XP, NT$16,988 (US$542) for the 901 XP and NT$13,988 (US$447) for the 900 XP.

Read more over on Slash Gear

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