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Any MacBook Air Testers Out There?



I’ve been reading a lot of user reviews of the MacBook Air lately, especially those who are heading in to Best Buy to check out the latest in thinness and multi-touch. I’m surprised to read that many folks are walking away quite impressed and almost willing to forego the weaknesses to get such a slim and sleak ultra-portable.

I’m curious about what people think of the multi-touch touchpad. Is it intuitive to be squeezing / pinching a touchpad vs a screen? Would you have preferred Apple to have implemented it on the screen? Is the multi-touch touchpad useful? I’ll be heading in to BestBuy in the coming days to check it out for myself, but I’m curious what our readers think.

Speaking of multi-touch, I had a great interview with N-Trig’s Lenny Englehardt yesterday. I am working on getting answers to all of your questions, as well as setting up a special podcast with Mr. Englehardt. It’s quite fitting to note that Englehardt told me that the best thing to happen to N-Trig was Apple’s continual push of multi-touch in the marketplace, as seen with the iPhone and now the MacBook Air. In Englehardt’s opinion, they’ve done more to cause ISV’s to see the potential for multi-touch than anyone else in the space. Where N-Trig improves upon Apple’s MacBook Air, though, is by offering the experience via the screen, which in my opinion is much more natural than being one level removed via the touchpad.

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