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Any Sudoku fans out there?



As most of you may know, the UMPC comes bundled with a new game via the Touch Pack: Sudoku. Well, thanks to Microsoft and Steven Toub, it is now available for us all to enjoy on our Tablet PC.

Microsoft is making the Sudoko application and sample source code available in order to provide some examples on how to design and program for the pen and touch. Download it here.

After downloading it, you will want to extract the zip file to some folder on your harddrive. Then, navigate to the bin/release directory within that folder. You will find sudoku.exe. Have fun!

From the Microsoft download page:

This article closely examines Stephen Toub’s Tablet PC-based implementation of Sudoku. It is the same implementation in the Touch Pack, a software package that comes preinstalled on ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs). The article details the algorithmic aspects of implementing a Sudoku game, in addition to the specific details that help you implement other applications designed for Tablet PC and UMPC.

Via Eric Lam


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