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Apex Software launches Medina 4.0



Dennis and I are enjoying getting to know the folks from Apex Software. Dennis had a great conversation with them earlier this week, and we are planning to get together at CES in a couple of weeks.

Apex Software develops business applications for customers in the real estate and mobile professional market, and have announced version 4.0 of their desktop floor planning software, Medina.


Today, Apex Software announced the availability of its version 4.0 industry leading desktop floor plan software, Apex Medina™, to its more than 130,000 customers.

The Medina generation of Apex represents a revolutionary leap in technology. Adding to and going beyond traditional sketching while smartly designing with Vista™ in mind.

“Like past versions, Medina certainly does more,” commented Robert Smoote, Executive Vice President of Products. “But it surpasses them all in design and inventive achievement.”

Medina also contains foundational support for the implementation of features and products scheduled for release early next year, like 3D Perimeter Generation, GIS Ties, GIS Referencing and seamless integration with Apex Nexus, field data and sketching software for mobile Tablet PC’s and UMPC’s.

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