App Mockups Show Why You'll Love a 4-inch iPhone 5
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App Mockups Show Why You’ll Love a 4-inch iPhone 5



Rumors of a larger 4-inch display for the new iPhone 5 keep coming in from source after source.

Anyone who has used a large high-resolution phone display knows the benefits of more screen real estate, but it’s hard to explain just how much of a difference half an inch in screen size makes to the average user.

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To show that email and ebooks aren’t the only places a larger iPhone display will deliver benefits to users OverDriveDesign mocked up a dozen apps to compare a 3.5-inch iPhone display to a 4-inch iPhone 5 display.

The 4-inch iPhone 5 App mock ups use a 640 x 1152 resolution, and shift to an aspect ration that is familiar to anyone who watches HDTV and HD videos.

Here are four of our favorite examples of how apps might look on a 4-inch iPhone.

Facebook on a 4-inch iPhone

4-inch iPhone 5 - Facebook

AS expected, a larger iPhone display means more room to see what’s going in the Facebook app. In this mockup, it also means bigger photos without the need to click-through.

Safari on a 4-inch iPhone

Safari on 4-inch iPhone

The web browser is the easiest place to see immediate improvements with a bigger screen. It’s much easier to view more of a page or article on the iPhone’s display when it is 4-inches. The benefit carries over to reading individual articles.

Messages on a 4-inch iPhone

4-inch iPhone 5 Messages App

In Messages on a 4-inch iPhone, users can see more of the messages even with the keyboard open.

Email on a 4-inch iPhone

4-inch iPhone 5 email

Users who need to process a lot of email on the iPhone will enjoy seeing more messages on-screen at once. This larger display would also make it easier to see the actual message in Mail, even though the app still takes over the top half of the display with who the message is from.

What app would you love most on a larger display?

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