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This is one of those stories that you really like to see.  When presented with the facts, most any sensible person can agree that a Tablet PC works extremely well in a medical scenario.  In this article in the Asbury Park Press from New Jersey, we see the real practical and successful implementation of Tablet PC technology, and how it directly affects human lives.  Read some of the comments in this story:

“Eighty-eight-year-old Ralph F. Rotondo of Toms River is dealing with a number of serious medical problems, including diabetes, heart disease and an enlarged prostrate. So, when he walked into Dr. Mukaram Gazi’s office in Lakewood, he expected to be asked to fill out extensive paperwork with a pen. Instead, he was handed a tablet PC and a stylus — initiating an administrative technology that allows electronic prescribing of medications and makes for a near-paperless world for physicians. “It is really very easy to do,” said Rotondo, tapping away on the small computer screen. “You just follow the directions and answer the questions. If a new system like this gets medications to you quickly and helps save lives, I am all for it…..

….This system makes the entire process between patient and doctor so seamless,” said Gazi. “It not only provides great benefits for the physician, it helps the patients immeasurably — especially in situations where they can’t physically come into the office.”

One of the big benefits of the electronic record system is that it allows physicians to access patients’ records when they are out of the office and respond accordingly. Patients no longer have to deliver their prescriptions to a pharmacy…..”

  As Tablets find their natural way into these environments, more people are exposed to the technology, which I honestly believe will generate more ideas on other areas they could benefit.  Tablet may be slow to develop, but it is here to stay.

Read the whole article here

Hat tip to Kevin Bals, gbm reader! (Thanks Kevin!)

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