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Apple 2.0 Retail Strategy Calls On iPad to Sell Other Products



As part of the tenth anniversary of Apple entering the retail business with retail stores, the company is now utilizing its iPad tablets as part of its signs and information display to provide information, specs, and other relevant product information of the products that they are trying to sell. Essentially, iPads are now replacing paper and printed signs. Rather than read the printed signs next to, for example, a MacBook Pro, detailing the specs, pricing, and configurations available, an interactive iPad tablet housed in clear lucite next to the MacBook Pro can provide all that information.

Best of all, there’s an option for a user to call an Apple specialist over for help if they need human interaction, much like the button on an airplane to request a flight attendant to attend to your needs.

Any product updates would be pushed out to the tablets so they don’t need to be updated manually. Next time you visit an Apple retail store, you’ll see less paper and more tablets.

As tablets are increasingly used to substitute for, or replace, televisions (SlingPlayer, TV apps, video downloads and streaming, Netflix), laptops for casual work, car entertainment systems, e-readers, and others, they are also now being cleverly called into action by Apple to help the company sell other products and demonstrate the potential of the iPad tablets.

As part of the specialized signage software that runs on the iPads used as displays for other products, the home button’s functionality is disabled; pressing on the home button won’t do much and the purpose of these tablets is to help detail the specs and features of the products that they are placed next to, not to let customers play with the tablets themselves.

Via: Tech Radar


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