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Apple 2013 Roadmap: iPad 5, iPhone 5S & iPad mini 2 Concepts



Apple’s 2013 product lineup isn’t set in stone, but we do expect to see new versions of Apple’s most popular product lines, including the iPad 5, iPad mini 2 and either the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Earlier this week analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities offered his thoughts on the upcoming Apple products, claiming a Apple is holding the biggest product announcements for summer and fall. Kuo is one of the more accurate analysts thanks to ties deep into Apple’s supply chain, and adds to rumors of a cheaper iPhone.

Today we can share what the next iPhone might look like, and how rumors that Apple will bring the iPad mini design to the iPad might look.

Designer Martin Hajek is well-known for his renderings of the iPhone 5 from last year, and he continues the tradition with a mock-up of Apple’s potential 2013 lineup of devices.

Apple iPhone 5S iPad 5 Lineup

Mock up of the Apple 2013 lineup, including the iPhone 5S and iPad 5.

Let’s take a quick look at each of these potential new Apple products. Visit Martin Hajek’s Flickr account for a larger version.

iPhone 5S Rumors

The iPhone 5S is rumored for a summer release, likely around Apple’s WWDC 2013 event. We’ve heard rumors that the next iPhone could be the iPhone 6, but with Kuo and another analyst, Brian White sticking to the iPhone 5S name and Apple’s history we could be waiting for 2014 to see a full on iPhone 6.

iPhone 5S mock up

Possible look for the iPhone 5S and cheaper iPhone.

The image above shows the biggest potential outward change of the iPhone 5S, color. White believes the iPhone 5S will bring the first color options to the iPhone lineup since the white iPhone was introduced. If this is true, expect colors similar to the iPod touch lineup.

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For features and performance, Kuo adds more specifics to the rumors we’ve heard, calling out an Apple A7 processor, a better rear camera with an f2.0 aperture and smart LED flash as well as a fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 5 mini Rumors

The iPhone 5 mini in this mock-up matches the size of the iPhone 4S, but uses the iPhone 5 design language. This could potentially be the cheaper iPhone that we’ve been hearing rumors about.

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Kuo believes Apple will try to sell this cheaper iPhone at $350 to $450 without a contract, a price that undercuts the iPhone 5 by $200 to $250.

iPad 5 Rumors

The iPad 5 may be on track for a release in March, and current rumors suggest Apple may be planning a thinner lighter display. It may be an IGZO display which would also improve battery life and touch responsiveness based on the demos we saw at CES 2013.

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The iPad 5 is also rumored to adopt the design language of the iPad mini, shrinking in size and gaining an aluminum back. We may also see a smaller bezel. Odds are the iPad 5 would also use a new processor, but rumors don’t call out a specific Apple A processor.

ipad 5 mock up

Mock-up showing difference between iPad mini 2, iPad 5 and iPad 4.

iPad mini 2 rumors

We’ve also heard rumors of an iPad mini 2 release in March. Kou believes we’ll see the release later this year in summer or fall, despite Apple’s typical spring iPad refresh cycle.

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The iPad mini 2 is rumored to receive a Retina Display, which would likely include an upgraded processor to power a higher resolution display.

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