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Apple Announces iPhone 5C Cases for Lower Cost iPhone



In Cupertino, CA today Apple held a launch event to announce a new iPhone 5S and a new iPhone 5C. The latter comes at a lower $99 cost and in multiple colors. To protect the new lower cost phone they will offer cases that iPhone buyers can get to cover the device’s plastic backing.

The Apple iPhone 5C cases come in six colors, including a blue case seen in the image below, and they will cost $29, $10 less than the leather cases for the new iPhone 5S. They will show up the same day as the new iPhones.

apple iphone 5c cases in blue on yellow phone

Apple announced a new iPhone 5C and colorful iPhone 5C cases to match.

Apple will also sell cases in other colors as seen below. Buyers can get gray, orange, yellow, blue, black and green. They come with a grid of 35 holes on the back to allow the color of the phone itself to show through, giving users a two-tone look. People can mix and match colors depending on their own preferences.

apple iphone 5c case blue

Other manufacturers began to share plans and pre-orders for iPhone 5C¬†cases before the launch event. One case maker said that iPhone 5 cases will fit the new iPhone 5S, but that’s not the case for the iPhone 5C, since it carries with it a new form factor.

Apple has a spotty history with its own cases. The original iPod came with a sock that many tech enthusiasts make fun of today. Recently they offered the iPhone bumper case to make up for a weakness in the iPhone 4’s radios, which dropped calls or lowered the signal when users held their phone tightly.

They sell the iPad Smart Case and Smart Cover, which some users love, but others say falls off too easily, especially with the iPad mini case.

You can plan to get the iPhone 5C case as soon as the iPhone 5C goes on sale.

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