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Apple at CES 2010: Anybody’s Guess but Probably Not



A fun little journalism vs bloggers dustup is roiling through the Internets over whether or not Apple will be attending CES 2010 in January. Some focused on a line in a Wall St. Journal article reporting on a meeting with CEA Gary Shapiro that said Apple would be in attendance. But Ryan Block of Engadget fame and now running gdgt, who was also present at the meeting, points out that no one else in attendance heard that, and if they did, you would bet that the bloggers would have beaten the Journal to the punch on the scoop.

UPDATE: Turns out a reporter from The Financial Times was taking notes with his LiveScribe Pulse Pen, with the audio turned on and published what had been recorded. Ain’t technology grand.

UPDATE 2: The WSJ article has been changed with a correction notice posted.

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