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Apple Attempts to Recover iPhone5.com



The new iPhone, possibly called the iPhone 5 is still months away from release, but Apple is already preparing to snag the best domain name for the iPhone 5, iPhone5.com.

iPhone5.com is the home of a little used forum for discussion of the iPhone 5, but Apple wants the domain name for itself, filing a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization, known as WIPO for short, to take over the domain name from the current owner.

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iPhone5.com iPhone 5

Screenshot of iPhone5.com, Apple's latest target.

Fusible discovered the claim, tracking down the WIPO case number D2012-0951 which includes sparse details about Apple’s claims for the iPhone5.com domain name.

This isn’t the first time Apple has filed a claim over a domain name, but it marks a shift in Apple’s attitude towards iPhone domain names. Apple is proactive in securing domains relating to the Apple trademarks, but is relatively lax when it comes to securing iPad and iPhone domain names.

It wasn’t until July 2011 that Apple acquired iPhone4.com, paying for the domain name. Weeks after the iPhone 4S launched in late 2011 Apple fought for the rights to iPhone4S.com,  after it came to light that the owner was serving porn from the domain.

  • NewiPad.com currently directs to a GoDaddy landing page filled with ads.
  • iPhone4G.com is page full of cell phone ads.
  • iPhone6.com is empty, but registered through the same company as iPhone5.com.
  • newiPhone.com redirects to a web development firm.

The purchase of iPhone5.com does not mean that Apple is planning an iPhone 5 release date in June as some have suggested, and it doesn’t mean that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5.


Apple has purchased domain names before to protect their trademarks without launching products with those names, if only to prevent the current owner from selling ads or placing pornography on the site.

To see all the domain names Apple has procured through the WIPO process, check out this page of Apple domain takeovers.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. reachglenn

    05/07/2012 at 12:16 pm

    The host of the domain mentioned, it’s probaby one of GoDaddy’s Crooked Shell Companies selling xxx advertising

    Godaddy hate iPhone & will probably try to extort Apple 4 all their worth


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