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Apple Black Friday 2012 Price Guide: Best Prices on Apple Gadgets



Apple Black Friday deals start on Thanksgiving and roll through Black Friday, offering some of the best prices on Apple notebooks, iPads and iPods of the year.

Black Friday is consistently the best time to buy an iPod touch or iPod Nano, and one of the few times shoppers will find iPad deals and discounts.

Apple Store Black Friday deals include savings online at 12:01 AM Pacific and at 7:00 AM local time in Apple stores, but the best deals are available from big name retailers like MacMall, Best Buy, Target and others.

There are some Apple Black Friday deals already available to shoppers online, but the biggest savings will start online late Thanksgiving night and continue through Black Friday both in-store and online.

Through Black Friday 2012 we will keep updating the list of Apple Black Friday deals with links and prices as stores like Best Buy and Amazon offer up flash deals on the iPad, iPod touch and other gadgets.

The video below wraps up the best Apple Black Friday deals for 2012 in two minutes, summing up the best places to look for Black Friday savings.

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Keep in mind that these deals sell out fast, especially in stores, so don’t plan on scoring an iPad Black Friday deal at Walmart and then running over to Target for an iPod touch.

MacBook Air Black Friday Deals

Macbook Air Black Friday Deal 2012

Skip Black Friday and buy a refurbished MacBook Air.

Black Friday is a good time to buy a MacBook Air, but there are already several amazing deals on refurbished MacBook Air models direct from Apple. These include the latest MacBook Air models announced in June 2012 and come with a full one-year Apple Warranty and OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.

MacBook Air Retail Apple BF Refurb
MacMall Amazon Best Buy
11-inch MBA 1.7GHz 4GB/64GB $999 $898 $849 $959  –
11-inch MBA 1.7GHz 4GB/128GB $1,099 $998 $929 $1,051  –
13-inch MBA 1.8GHz 4GB/128GB $1,199 $1,098 $1,019 $1,097 $1,151 $1,024
13-inch MBA 1.8GHz 4GB/128GB $1,499 $1,398 $1,269 $1,439  –

MacBook Pro Black Friday Deals

MacBook Pro Black Friday Deal 2012

Look for big savings on the MacBook Pro on Black Friday.

When it comes to the MacBook Pro Black Friday deals for 2012, the biggest savings are again already available as refurbished models direct from Apple. These beat the Black Friday deals from Apple and from MacMall. The MacMall Black Friday deals are not live until Black Friday. We may see Apple lower prices in the Refurbished Apple Store on Black Friday.

MacBook Pro Retail Apple BF Refurb
MacMall Amazon Best Buy
13-inch MBP 2.5GHz 4GB/500GB $1,199 $1,098 $1,019 $1,097 $1,151 $1,034
13-inch MBP 2.9GHz 8GB/750GB $1,499 $1,398 $1,269 $1,397 $1,455
15-inch MBP 2.3GHz 4GB/500GB/GT650 $1,799 $1,698 $1,529 $1,697 $1,727
15-inch MBP 2.6GHz 8GB/500GB/GT650 $2,199 $2,098 $1,869 $2,111

MacBook Pro Retina Black Friday Deals

MacBook Pro Retina Display Black Friday 2012

Don’t expect many MacBook Pro Retina Display Black Friday deals.

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is a popular new model, so there aren’t many deals to be found, and no refurbished models. MacMall and Apple both plan to offer discounts of around $100 on Black Friday, but savvy shoppers can order now through Amazon for only $30 more.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display Retail Apple BF Refurb
MacMall Amazon
13-inch MBP 2.5GHz 8GB/128GB $1,699 $1,598 $1,597 $1,631
13-inch MBP 2.9GHz 8GB/256GB $1,999 $1,898 $1,919
15-inch MBP 2.3GHz 8GB/256GB/GT650 $2,199 $2,098 $2,047 $2,198
15-inch MBP 2.6GHz 8GB/512GB/GT650 $2,799 $2,698 $2,687

Mac Mini & iMac Black Friday Deals

iMac Black Friday Deals 2012The Mac Mini and iMac Black Friday deals will likely be in short supply this year. Apple announced a new iMac in October, but it is still not available to order. If the iMac goes on sale by Black Friday, we don’t expect to see any Black Friday discounts.

The Mac Mini is also new, but MacMall plans to sell the Mac Mini for $573 on Black Friday, but that’s the best deal we could find. It’s only $27 off the retail price, but we don’t expect the deals to go any lower.

iPod Black Friday Deals

iPod Touch Black Friday Deals 2012

The biggest iPod Touch deals for Black Friday 2012 include Gift Cards.

The Black Friday iPod touch deals are available online and in-store. Most of these deals will be available as doorbusters in-store, but it is highly likely that Best Buy will offer an iPod touch deal online on Black Friday. Apple may offer the lowest up-front price, but the gift card deals are where the real savings are.

iPod touch and iPod Nano Retail Apple BF Refurb Apple MacMall
iPod touch 5th gen 32GB $299 $278 $279
iPod touch 4th gen 16GB $199 $178
iPod touch 4th gen 8GB $129
iPod Nano $149 $138

Check back for updated deals as Black Friday iPod touch and iPod nano deals arrive online during Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

iPod Nano Black Friday Deals 2012

The best iPod Nano Black Friday deal is at Meijer, with a $50 gift card.

iPod Black Friday
Gift Card Deals
Best Buy Target Meijer Toys R Us Radio Shack
iPod Touch 5th Gen $294 + $50 GC $295 + $50 GC
iPod touch 4th gen 16GB $199 + $50 GC $199 + $40 GC $194 + $50 GC $199 + $30 GC
iPod Nano $144 + $20 GC $149 + $20 GC $149 + $50 GC $149 + $20 GC

iPad Black Friday Deals

iPad Black Friday 2012 Deal

Find iPad Black Friday deals with gift cards on November 23rd, 2012.

The iPad is rarely discounted, so Black Friday is a good time to get a deal on the iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation or iPad 4th generation. Like many of these deals, the iPad 2 is available refurbished as low as $319 from Apple. This deal comes and then goes fast, so be sure to snap the deal up quickly.

iPad Deals Retail Apple BF Refurb Apple
iPad 2 $399 $358 $319
iPad 3rd Gen 16GB $379
iPad 4th Gen 16GB $499 $458
iPad 4th Gen 32GB $599 $558
iPad 4th Gen 64GB $699 $658

Black Friday iPad deals in-store offer good deals in the form of gift cards and in store coupons for future purchases. These deals offer up to $100 in gift cards with the purchase of an iPad on Black Friday.

iPad Black Friday Gift Card Deals Best Buy Target Meijer Walmart
iPad 2 $399 + $40 GC $399 + $60 GC $399 + $100 GC $399 + $75 GC
iPad 4th Gen 16GB $499 + $60 GC $499 + $60 GC $499 + 100 GC Thursday

Stay tuned for more Black Friday 2012 deals, buying guides and items to avoid.



  1. ultrathinworld

    11/21/2012 at 1:08 pm

    Even with those discounts its still a bit overpriced compared to Google/Amazon products

  2. suhag

    11/22/2012 at 8:30 am

    Amazon has the 13inch air for $1024! Same as best buy

  3. Chris MacPhail

    11/22/2012 at 10:51 am

    MacBook 13″ retina 256GB is $1879.99 at Best and Amazon. As of 11/22. Less 4% with Best Buy rewards card.

  4. squall768

    11/23/2012 at 2:10 am

    Was expecting more than $100 discount to each of Apple product, but then again it’s never cheap to begin with, so I probably gonna go with 13 inch MBP with retina display, been dreaming of owning one since it was first introduced.

  5. John

    11/25/2012 at 11:39 am

    Only $100 off every product of all Apple’s products? I just got my iPhone 5 free from Tou gan get just about any electronics you want from MacBooks, iPads, iPhones all the way through to PS3s and Galaxy S3s! Go ahead and check it out!

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