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Apple Black Friday Deals: iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 5s at Target



Apple Black Friday deals are already starting to come together for one retailer which just shared plans to offer the new iPad Air for $120 less than retail after discounts and gift cards.

In addition to a big Black Friday iPad Air deal Target is offering $50 off the iPhone 5s with an instant discount and a gift card, and a $75 gift card with purchase of the iPad mini. There is no mention of the iPad mini 2 which is without an official release date, but leaves a door open. Target’s Apple Black Friday deals don’t stop there.

With savings on the Apple TV and on the iPod touch 5th generation, shoppers may want to keep a close eye on Target and start debating if the Black Friday deals are worth missing out on Thanksgiving dinner. Target will open the doors at 8PM on Thanksgiving, which means you will need to get in line very early on Thanksgiving or possibly late Wednesday.

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Target will offer select Black Friday deals online at starting on Sunday November 24th, but the company does not specifically call out the Apple Black Friday offers as being an online option. Browse the local Target Black Friday ad now.

Unless another retailer surprises with major iPad Air discounts it looks like Target is the place to go for the best Black Friday iPad deals, assuming you are up for standing in line.

iPad Black Friday Deals at Target

Target is cutting the cash price of the iPad Air down to $479, which isn’t much. But it is pairing that with a $100 gift card.  That means the iPad Air is essentially $379 at Target on Black Friday. That’s $120 cheaper than Apple’s price today, and  likely at least $60 better than the deal Apple will offer through the Apple Store on Black Friday.

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The gift card can be used on a future purchase at Target, which could include an iPad Air case, iTunes gift cards, groceries or anything else the retailer sells. The deal is good on all full size iPads that Target sells, which means users can also score a $100 gift card with the purchase of a iPad Air 32GB or 64GB model.

The iPad Air Black Friday deal at Target joins an iPad mini and other iPad deals.

The iPad Air Black Friday deal at Target joins an iPad mini and other iPad deals.

The deal also applies to the iPad 2 and other iPads sold in store at Target. This drops the overall price of an iPad 2 down to $299 after gift card and could score additional savings if Target is still carrying any iPad 4 models.

The iPad mini 16GB WiFi is now $299, which is the new lower price from Apple, and Target is throwing in a $75 gift card. The wording on this leave open the possibility of an iPad mini 2 Black Friday deal saying the deal applies to any iPad mini. There is no iPad mini 2 release date yet, and quantities for all of these deals will be limited.

iPhone 5s Black Friday Deal

Target is cutting the price of the iPhone 5s down to $179 with a two-year contract on AT&T or Verizon. The iPhone 5s on Sprint is still $198 on contract but is eligible for the gift card.

The iPhone 5s black friday deal at Target cuts the price by $50.

The iPhone 5s black friday deal at Target cuts the price by $50.

When you buy any iPhone 5s from Target on Thanksgiving through Saturday you will receive a $30 target gift card. Alone this may not be a deal worth standing in line for, but if you have limited funds and plan to buy an iPad or something else at Target.

iPod touch, Apple TV & iTunes Black Friday Deals

In addition to those doorbusters, Target is offering a number of additional Apple Black Friday deals. These are available in store, and may be worth picking up if you are in the store.

The iPod touch is $229 for the 16GB model without the camera, which is the regular price, but it also comes with a $50 gift card to Target. The Apple TV is $10 off which isn’t worth waiting in line for. Shoppers can also buy a $60 iTunes gift card package for $50.



  1. Robby

    11/14/2013 at 6:29 am

    Gift cars are an illusory trap–unless you already were planning on buying something from the store.

    Be careful on what happens if you return the i-device, too!

    Finally, there’s an on-going boycott of Target due to its political contributions and anti-basic rights activities! That’s worth considering, too!

  2. Steven Mac

    11/18/2013 at 9:13 am

    This is the first I’m hearing about any boycott. They really aught to advertise these better!

  3. alisha

    12/03/2013 at 8:47 am

    I just got the ipad mini CYBER MONDAY ELECTRONICS deals upto 20% to 40% OFF!!

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