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Apple Boosting Production of Gold iPhone 5s After High Demand



Apple has ordered its suppliers to boost production of the gold iPhone 5s after demand for the phone was incredible, according to the Wall Street Journal. The gold iPhone 5s sold out online within minutes, and many Apple Store locations had very limited stock, while carrier stores and retailers either didn’t have any in stock, or a very, very limited supply.

Apple will be boosting production by 33% with the gold iPhone 5s. This doesn’t do anything for the supply now, obviously, but if you’re holding out on a gold model, you’ll soon have your pick if you can wait it out a few more weeks, although there’s no timeline on when new gold units will become available.

While Apple has told suppliers to crank out more units, it’s not clear whether or not there are supply constraints in the first place, which could have been the cause for the low inventory for gold models across the US. Along with that, the gold model seems to be the most popular among those who are wanting to buy an iPhone 5s, as many users have said that the new gold color stands out from the black and white versions.

iPhone 5s Day One -  004

Apple’s website already has the gold iPhone 5s back-ordered into October, and within minutes after the company began selling the device on its website, ship dates for the gold version quickly shifted from 1-3 days to 7-10 days. We knew stock would be severely limited, and those who projected inventory definitely weren’t wrong.

If you wanted to buy a gold iPhone 5s in-store, you had the same slim chance as online; Mainly Apple Stores received the bulk of gold iPhone 5s inventory, and even then it’s pretty slim pickings. Carrier stores and retail locations were able to get a few gold models in stock, but a few carrier locations didn’t even have gold versions available.

Thankfully, though, Apple is encouraging suppliers to pick up the pace, and within a few weeks (maybe even longer), we should be seeing more gold models coming in. So, if you’re set on waiting it out for the gold model, you won’t be out of luck for too much longer hopefully. That’s also the time when more space grey and silver units arrive as well, so late comers will certainly have a wide variety to choose from when getting the new device.

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