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Apple By the Numbers at WWDC 2012



Apple kicked off the WWDC 2012 keynote with their usual set of facts and figures meant to wow the attendees and Apple fans around the world. Once again, the this portion of the presentation impressed with staggering facts and figures.

First off, the tickets to the WWDC sold out in one hour and forty-three minutes, angering many developers who didn’t even get a shot at signing up. Apple CEO Tim Cook said there are more than 1,000 apple developers at the conference.


Apple stated that it has 400 Million users with registered credit cards, each of whom is primed to buy apps, music, movies and books. That’s an enormous number of buyers and Apple knows the value of having that many credit card numbers. Cook said they have “the largest number of accounts on the Internet” with credit cards attached to them.


The App Store now sells more than 650,000 apps with 250,000 designed specifically for the iPad. That far outnumbers the apps available for other tablets, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series. This translates to 30 Billion app downloads with $5 Billion in payouts to developers so far. This draws developers to the iOS ecosystem and in sometimes relegates Android apps to second priority.


Apple will sell the iPhone and iPad in another 32 companies in the next year bringing the total to over 155 countries.

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