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Apple Car “Very Unlikely” After Talks with Tesla



We all sort of wish that Apple would manufacturer an automobile, and after Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk confirmed to Bloomberg that the company was in talks with Apple, that possibility seemed like it was turning into reality. However, Musk says that an acquisition is “very unlikely” at this point.

Musk said that Apple making cars would be “a great idea,” and he confirmed that he talked with Apple, but its unknown as to whether or not those conversations were about a possible acquisition. Musk simply just said that an acquisition is “very unlikely,” but he’s certainly not dismissing the idea completely, noting that he would ponder the idea if a buyout would improve Tesla’s ability to manufacture an “affordable, compelling electric car” for the masses.



Right now, though, Musk doesn’t “currently see any scenario that would improve that probability.” So for now, acquisitions are off the table, but there’s always a chance that could change in the future.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has mentioned in the past that the company is open to making large acquisitions if such a thing makes sense, but Cook has also reiterated many times that Apple needs to stay “laser-focused” on the few products that it offers.

This isn’t to stay that Apple isn’t focused on the auto industry, but it’s mostly focused on in-car entertainment and creating a better infotainment system for newer cars with seamless iOS 7 integration. Apple wants your iPhone to work seamlessly with your car’s entertainment and navigation system, allowing you to use a user interface that you’re used to, rather than a certain manufacturer’s somewhat clunky UI that has a learning curve.

We probably will never see an actual Apple car, but that’s perfectly okay, considering that it should leave that kind of work to the already-established car makers of the world.

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