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Mobile Struggles Under Load of iPhone 4S Announcement



Apple announced their new Apple iPhone 4S today and immediately after the press conference ended was barraged with interested users who brought the site to its knees with repeated Access Denied errors showing up when the users clicked links to learn about the new phone.

I’ve only been covering Apple events for a little over a year and a half, but I cannot remember their site ever going under. What does this mean?

First, it shows the amazing interest of people in the new iPhone. I believe the interest came from the later than usual announcement along with the fact that it was strongly rumored to be available on three of the four major carriers this time, with Sprint being added.


Second, people might be tempted to fear similar outages with the new iCloud, their cloud based service that relies on the new North Carolina server farm. However, during the outages iCloud and Me were both up the entire time. They handled the load with most likely sitting on a different set of servers than the cloud based services. Users who don’t follow Apple news as closely as most of us won’t ever notice if something like this happens in the future if iCloud performs as it did today. Sure, the site is not accessible to most iOS users, but we know it is not affected by outages.

The repeated Access Denied might be an embarrassment for most companies. My prediction – Apple and its fans will successfully spin this just as I did in point one above.

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