Apple Continues to Develop Panoramic Photo Capture in iOS 5
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Apple Continues to Develop Panoramic Photo Capture in iOS 5



In addition to bringing faster access to the camera on the lock screen as well as hardware controls for the camera via the volume buttons, Apple is secretly working on yet another camera feature in iOS 5. Developers who have taken a look at the most recent third beta of the next-generation iOS software noticed that Apple had added a few new strings for taking panoramic images, saving them, and canceling the panoramic feature.

The latest software strings are not present in earlier beta builds of iOS 5, suggesting that Apple is still developing and refining the feature. Currently, the code exists but the features are not yet enabled on iOS 5, beta 3. Developers who have jailbroken their devices and enabled the feature manually have taken a video walk-through of the panoramic capabilities as it stands in development today; the video is embedded below:

It’s unclear if the feature will be ready by the time iOS 5 will be released, or if it will be enabled via a future software to iOS 5. Devices running iOS 5 are slated to get delta, or small updates, software upgrades available to them over the air. The panoramic camera feature, if it doesn’t launch with iOS 5.0, may be delivered as an OTA software update.

Via: 9to5 Mac

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