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Apple Could Price iPad Mini at $329



Apple might start pricing for the iPad Mini at $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model according to a 9To5Mac.

The $329 price puts the iPad Mini between the new iPod touch and the $399 iPad 2 for the base model. If the pricing is true, every bump in storage space will add another $100 to the price like the pricing for the iPad. That will give the 32GB model a $429 price tag, and will make the 64GB model cost $529.

Apple might also keep the same cellular premium of $130 on the iPad Mini. That means the 16GB model with 4G LTE will cost $459, the 32GB model will cost $559, and the 64GB model will cost $659.


The rumored pricing makes sense if Apple wants to price the iPad Mini at a higher price than the new iPod touch. The pricing doesn’t match any current Apple pricing structure, however. Apple typically puts devices at $X49 or $X99 to keep pricing simple.

The iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular starts at $629, but that’s not the price Apple advertises for the iPad. Apple uses the $499 price to advertise the iPad.

Previous rumors and analyst estimates said the iPad Mini will likely cost $249 or $299 which fits in with Apple’s price structure. That will place the iPad Mini at the same price or a lower price than the new iPod touch, but it will still be more expensive than the entry-level iPod touch which costs $199.

A $329 price point for the iPad Mini also makes the device $129 more expensive than Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

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