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Apple Debuts Shortened “Your Verse” iPad Ads



You might have already seen the “Your Verse” iPad Ad that Apple aired during the NFL playoff game between the 49ers and the Panthers. This time around, however, Apple has divided the ad into 30 second chucks that are more fitted for television commercial space, and have debuted two new iPad ads called “Sound Verse” and “Light Verse.”

Essentially, these two ads show off all the cool things that people can do with an iPad, including taking the tablet with you during your scuba diving trips. Whether or not this is what people do with their iPads is a different story, but nonetheless, this is what Apple thinks.

As with the extended “Your Verse” ad, these latest commercials feature Robin Williams’ monologue from the movie Dead Poets Society, saying that “the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?”. As the names of the two ads might imply, the scenes in the “Light Verse” makes use of light in some way, while the “Sound Verse” ad features sound as the main subject.

The shortened versions aren’t as dramatic as the extended ad, but it gets the point across the same way. We see in the ads that scuba divers, mountain climbers, hockey coaches, marching bands, storm chasers, DJs and videographers take advantage of the power of the iPad Air to look up information, take photos and videos, jot down notes and mix music all from the 9.7-inch touchscreen.

This isn’t the first time Apple has used popular voices in its commercials. Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston was used in the “Pencil” iPad Air commercial and The Newsroom’s Jeff Daniels was featured in a series of iPhone commercials a year or so ago.

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