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Apple Decorates Cupertino Campus Ahead of iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Unveil



Ahead of the Tuesday media event that will unveil the much anticipated flagship iPhone 5S and the budget-oriented iPhone 5C to the world, Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters was seen decorated in the same circular, bubbly theme that was present on the invitation to the showcase launch. Alongside the two new smartphone hardware, Apple will also be unveiling iOS 7, dubbed the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the original iPhone w

as introduced in 2007. The new operating system brings a new design scheme and user interface from famed Apple hardware designer Jony Ive, who killed the old skeuomorphic design elements in favor of a more modern, minimalist icon layout.


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At least one entrance to the building of 4 Infinity Loop was seen in the playful, colorful bubbles. Images shown on igen.fr show Apple has been busy decorating for the event.


The colorful hues may be a clue to the playful colorful palette of the iPhone 5C, a more budget-oriented model that Apple is said to be targeting to developing markets. To date, rumors of the iPhone 5C point to a device whose hardware is shared with the current iPhone 5 flagship, but eschews the iPhone 5’s sleek aluminum design for a colorful unibody polycarbonate rear shell.

The iPhone 5S is the headliner of the show and that device will have largely the same design of the iPhone 5, with some improvements. In addition to the traditional black and white colors offered today, the iPhone 5S is said to introduce a new champagne gold hue to the flagship lineup. Additionally, the camera is expected to get an improvement, though aside from the presence of a new dual LED flash mechanism there are still conflicting reports surrounging the camera specs. The iPhone 5S may also get a bump in storage to 128 GB of on-board storage for more demanding users.

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