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Apple Drops Price on Apple TV



Apple has now dropped the price on the factory refurbished Apple TV set-top boxes that it sells from the Apple Store online.

As of today, users can pick up a refurbished third-generation Apple TV for just $75.00. That’s $25 lower than the cost of a brand-new Apple TV. Users will still get a one-year warranty as part of their purchase, making it a steal for users who want to enjoy the content they’ve purchased from iTunes, in their living room.

It’s important to note that although they look very similar, this is actually not the same device as the Apple TV that debuted in March of this year. However, functionally, they are both the same.

Although it’s likely that most users purchase the Apple TV to watch television shows and movies they’ve purchased on other devices, Apple has also made the device an obvious choice for Apple-centric users who want a cable supplement or replacement.

Apple TV

The device already has applications for Netflix and Hulu Plus, and recent updates have also added premium content choices like HBO GO. Apple TV also has apps for MLB.TV, YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr. Users can also playback content from their iPhone and iPad using AirPlay, a display mirroring technology that is only available on the Apple TV.

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These price cuts come just days after Google announced that it would allow users to mirror what is on their Macs, PCs and Android devices using its Chromecast dongle. Although that device relies heavily on Google’s Chrome web browser, the idea of being able to use it across any devices that you already own will likely appeal to consumers. Its $35 price tag is also sure to attract a lot of users looking for a robust, but low-cost way to bring the content of their PCs, tablets and smartphones, into the living room.

AppleTV at $75 might not appear to be as good a deal as a $35 Chromecast device, but the Apple TV’s widespread content support and integration with other Apple products make it a no-brainer for users. That’s especially true for those who have already purchased at least some iTunes content, or have an iPhone device as their daily companion.

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