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Complete Rundown of Apple’s iPhone 5, iPod and iOS 6 Event News



Apple packed a lot of news into its iPhone 5 launch event. Yes, the iPhone 5 was the heart of the show, but Apple watchers are probably interested in all the details. Seemingly small announcements, such as the iPhone 5’s new dock connector, will impact users and the iPhone ecosystem in big ways.

The iPhone 5 wasn’t the only new piece of hardware Apple introduced yesterday. The company unveiled a whole new range of iPods, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Apple also spent quite a bit of time showing off iOS 6, though we already saw many of the highlights back in June at WWDC.

Here’s a rundown of all the Apple news from the big iPhone 5 event:

iPhone 5iPhone 5 Announced

The iPhone 5 is the newest smartphone available from Apple. Some of the major features include 4G LTE, a thinner and lighter design, plus an all new cable design. Read more about the new iPhone in the post above.

iPhone 5 Wi-Fi improvements

The iPhone 5 is also improved with its wifi capabilities. The new internal antenna features 2.4ghz and 5ghz 802.11n and up to 150mbps speeds.

iPhone 5 Carriers

The new iPhone 5 will be available from the following carriers in the US; Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. There are also listed carriers of the new device for Global users.

New iPhone 5 Dock Connector

The new iPhone has a new dock connector called Lightning. This new connector is smaller than the traditional 30 pin dock connector and with an adapter will work with older cables.

iOS 6 Release Date

With the announcement of a new iPhone also comes new software. iOS 6 will be available to consumers on September 19th.

iPhone Drops Support for the 3GS

With a new iPhone in the family Apple has officially dropped support for the 3GS. Also other prices on the iPhone 4 and 4S have been reduced.

iPhone 5 Release Date and Price

The iPhone 5 will keep the same price as it has in the past. For the 16Gb model the price is $199, 32Gb is $299, and 64Gb model costs $399.

iPhone Announcement Thoughts

After the big announcement here are some thoughts from Warner Crocker about the new device and the overall feeling from users.

New iPod Nano

iPod NanoBesides the big announcement of the new iPhone, Apple has also made a new addition to the iPod line. The new Nano features a 2.5″ multitouch display, FM tuner, and is available in 7 different colors.

iPhone 5 Battery life compared to the 4S

With the addition of 4G LTE in the iPhone 5 Apple has also included a higher capacity battery. Generally, 4G quickly drains phones’ batteries, but Apple boasts that the iPhone 5 battery will outlast the one found in the iPhone 4S.

New iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch was announced in the Apple keynote today along with many other products. This iPod Touch will feature a 4″ multi-touch display, updated A5 processor and a 5MP camera.

New earphones for iPhone users

Apple has also included a new set of earbuds called “EarPods.” EarPods are designed to direct the sound directly into users’ ears and cost $29.

Slightly Improved iPhone 5 Camera

Many of the specifications found in the new iPhone camera are similar that of the 4S. One change that will be nice is the ability to simultaneously shoot photos while recording video.

Is the iPhone the Thinnest phone?

Apple claims to now have the thinnest smartphone in the market but is that actually true. Huawei just announced a new android based phone that is thinner than the new iPhone 5.

Apple shows off the new Maps application

With iOS 6 Apple has included a new application called Maps. This new app is completely built from Apple and performs much better than the likes of Google Maps in iOS 5.

Apple speed claims are misleading to the average user

In the slides of the Apple keynote there were some misleading facts concerning how fast an LTE or Wifi connection really could be. It is important to note that the facts on these slides are theoretical and do not directly translate to real world stats.

Siri comes to iPod Touch

Siri the popular voice assistant available on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is now able to be used on the new iPod Touch.

5 iPhone 5 features You’ll care about

With all of the great things about the iPhone 5 some of the greatest are the display, 4G LTE, plus several others.

Apple Announcements lack excitement 

Whether it be from the rumor mill or maybe even the same type of presentation the announcement today lacked excitement from Apple.

Be careful on which iPhone Carrier you select

Due to the three separate models of the iPhone 5 it is key to be sure of your carrier before you make the final purchasing decision.

iPhone 5 Missing features

From NFC to more advanced wireless charging the iPhone 5 did enough to impress but it could of done much more.

Verizon iPhone 5 strikes first

With the largest 4G LTE network it looks like Verizon may be the clear choice for iPhone 5 buyers.

iPhone 5 off contract pricing

The iPhone is normally sold with a contract but under these prices consumers can buy an unlocked iPhone.

iOS 6 GM Released ahead of September 19th Release Date

The GM release of iOS 6 has come out before the expected September 19th release date which allows developers and some consumers to start using the new iOS sooner.

Early upgraders pay higher for new iPhone than in the past

Consumers may realize that the cost of buying an iPhone off contract seems higher than before which may influence them to hold off their purchase.

iTunes update brings little to no excitement

The iTunes update seems little more than an update to how things look compared to be a refresh of features.

iPhone 5 Hands on Video roundup

The iPhone 5 may sound like a great phone from all of our posts about it but these videos make it look even better.

How to check iPhone 5 upgrade eligibility

To check if your iPhone is ready for an upgrade follow the steps in the link above.

Otterbox iPhone 5 Cases

These new cases from Otterbox are some of the first cases that are available for the iPhone 5.

iPhone preorder times

iPhone 5 preorder times start at 12:00AM PST and 3:00AM EST.

iPhone 5 Lightning to Dock connector adapter

iPhone 5 Lightning to Dock connector adapters start at just $29.

AT&T allows loyal customers to keep Unlimited data plans

AT&T is allowing customers who have a grandfathered Unlimited data plan to keep it with their new iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 camera sample photos

With a higher megapixel camera here are some sample images from the new iPhone 5.

AT&T website has issues with checking upgrade eligibility so beware

If you are an AT&T customer and decide to check if you are up for a new phone be careful of this bug that is currently in their system.

iPhone 5 real cost is in the thousands

Besides the cost of the phone itself the iPhone 5 will be even costlier than prior iPhones due to more expensive data charges.

iPhone 5 going to C-spire wireless

The iPhone 5 will be going to C-spire wireless on September 28th.

Full iPhone 5 video available

The full Apple keynote is now available to watch from the link posted above.

Unlimited data not worth high cost for Verizon iPhone 5

Unlimited data plans may seem like the best companion to the new Verizon iPhone 5 but in reality the high cost is not worth it.

AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint Which carrier is the best for the iPhone 5

Since each iPhone model is made specially for each carrier it is important to choose the right carrier for you before buying the iPhone 5.


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