Apple Fails to Announce iPhone 5 at WWDC Keynote

There had been some speculation that Apple might announced a new iPhone at the WWDC keynote, however, Apple stayed true to its word and focused on the three products that it had said it would reveal just a short time ago: iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud.

iPhone 4

We had touched on a bunch of reasons why Apple would and wouldn’t announce the iPhone 5 at WWDC and as it turns out, the reports about an iPhone-less WWDC were in fact true. Steve Jobs and his cohorts took the stage and failed to deliver the iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 to consumers, a sign that a fall event, possibly when iOS 5 launches, will be the springboard for a new iPhone.

Speculation has rested on production of the next-generation iPhone starting in July or August with a release possibly coming at the end of August or in the month of September.  And with an announcement not coming at the WWDC keynote, it’s looking more and more likely like this is going to be the case.

So, who is disappointed?

Developing story. For more Apple news from WWDC including iOS 5, iCloud and Mac OS X Lion, follow our Apple News.