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Apple Files Patent Suit Against HTC



Apple is already in a legal patent dispute with Nokia and now it is opening up another tussle this time with HTC. The issue is over patents (20 of them) that Apple holds on the iPhone UI, underlying architecture, and hardware.

The stakes are obviously high in the mobile wars and so are the legal fees in these disputes. Keep in mind that Apple has talked about this in the past when it comes to its technology, and a number of folks are waiting for the other shoe to drop with a suit against Google for allowing multi-touch on Android.

Steve Jobs is quoted in the press release saying this:

“We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it. We’ve decided to do something about it. We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.”

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  1. smh

    03/02/2010 at 2:05 pm

    You don’t know how much i laughed when i read this and the post over at Gizmodo.

    “When you can’t beat them, sue them”

    That’s what apples new slogan should be, more ridiculous claims have not been made in the past few years.
    It is the same if microsoft began suing people for using smileys.

    From personal experience i know that apple products are not on-par with their competitors, but because of the great pr team they get a lot of customers. This shows that they felt threatened by HTC, and the only way to go by was by using underhanded tricks…

  2. GoodThings2Life

    03/02/2010 at 5:04 pm

    As I just posted over at jkOnTheRun, this is absolutely an attack on Google and Microsoft, and more-so at Google. If you cut off their major hardware suppliers with a choke-hold, you’re effectively shooting the competition in the knee-caps because you know you can’t get away with murder.

    Jobs has got some giant cahones to try to take down a pair of giants though.

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