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Apple Grand Central Terminal Store Opens Friday – Have A Sneak Peek



AllThingsD got a sneak peek of the new Apple store opening in Grand Central here in New York City on Friday. From the looks of things, this location is set to be a mixture of the minimal, elegant design we’ve come to expect from these stores and the grandioseness of GCT, both blending better than I expected. I mean, look at that ceiling!

Around 750,000 people pass through Grand Central every day, but most of them are on their way somewhere — usually home or work. Still, the Terminal is a shopping destination as well as a train station, and other retail outlets have done well there. Why not shop while waiting for your train if you’re early? And what better way to apologize to your spouse for missing your scheduled train then by bringing home a new iPad?

Apple Grand Central Terminal Store

Image Credit: AllThingsD

Aside from the commuters, Grand Central is also chock full of tourists. There aren’t many people hanging out in the place who aren’t on their way somewhere that aren’t tourists, and I suspect they’ll make up a huge chunk of the sales in this particular Apple store. I also suspect this location will do really well with accessory sales.

One feature that will endear it to the busy commuter crowd is the ability to pick up products you’ve purchased via your iPhone immediately. You can also use the phone’s barcode scanner to complete a purchase and walk right out with your stuff.

Plus, if this store continues with the tradition of having free Wi-Fi available expect a tent city to grow up within 500 feet of the store made up of harried corporate types.

When the doors open at 10am Friday (conveniently after rush hour) I suspect lots of people who wouldn’t normally come to the station will be there to check out the new digs. But after the first few weeks I’d be surprised if many people made this their destination Apple store.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. LittleBiggyGirl

    12/07/2011 at 12:43 pm

    the biggest question on my mind is if tim cook will show for the grand opening, and if he does, what he’ll be wearing.  tim cook is in need of an iconic look to call his own, or at the very least a fashion make over.what should cook be wearing?

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