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Apple: “Incredible” Demand for the iPhone 5s



It’s pretty obvious that the iPhone 5s is seeing a lot of demand right now, but we’ve heard word straight from the horse’s mouth about how the iPhone 5s is doing. Apple told AllThingsD that “demand for the new iPhones has been incredible, and we are currently sold out or have limited supply of certain iPhone 5s models in some stores.”

Of course, Apple didn’t provide specific sales numbers just yet, as the company will most likely wait until Monday or early next week to announce weekend sales numbers, as they always do with new product releases, but today’s statement prepares us for a sales number that may be well over last year’s iPhone 5 total.

However, with such limited stock to go around, we wonder if that will affect the weekend sales numbers for the new iPhone 5s; we’re guessing that Apple made enough to at least beat last year’s sales record, but it’s certainly possible that the fears of low inventory scared some buyers away to a state of, “I’ll simply wait until more units come in.”


The gold iPhone 5s was the first color to become sold out, with very limited stock compared to the silver and space grey. As the day progressed, more and more models were seeing back-orders, including higher-capacity version of the white and space grey. Some carrier stores still have some iPhone 5s models in stock, but it’s dwindling fast. However, it’s still worth a shot to stop by your local store after work to see if they have any left.

While the iPhone 5s is the star of the show, many people have went ahead and ordered the iPhone 5c in order to spare themselves from waiting in line. Some people are even receiving their iPhone 5c units today, while those who ordered the iPhone 5s will have to wait a few days, although many people gladly paid the $20 overnight shipping fees in order to get the phone on their doorstep tomorrow. We’ve also been hearing reports that users have went ahead and ordered the gold iPhone 5s at carrier stores, but they won’t be getting them for another month or so.

Let us know if you ended up grabbing an iPhone 5s and when you got it during the day. It seems like online orders are back-ordered for all models, while brick and mortar locations will see better luck at inventory.

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