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Apple iPod Black Friday 2015 Deals



For better or for worse, the Apple iPod is still the rock of the Apple ecosystem. The device is and has always been a smartphone without the necessary contract and service requirements that an iPhone has. That’s why so many people are looking for Apple iPod Black Friday deals this year.

The Apple iPod Classic with a hard drive for storage and a smaller screen to navigate your music collection is long gone. Apple discontinued it years ago. There’s very little in the way of sales on that one even though it can be found in some places. The other iPods are still around though. iPod Touch, that miniature iPhone without a service contract, has plenty of Black Friday 2015 deals running. That makes sense, it provides a very iPhone-like experience to begin with.

iPod touch 2015 New Colors - 1

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There are a few Black Friday 2015 deals running on the other two iPods still available in stores. The iPod Shuffle is tiny and doesn’t have a display. It’s a tiny flash drive that happens to also have a headset jack. Think of it as part dead-simple music player, part fashion accessory. The iPod Nano does have a screen, but doesn’t run iOS. It’s perfect for running since it has Nike+ and some other options that the iPod Shuffle does. There’s video playback, podcasts, a photo viewer and FM Radio playback, for example.

Target is offering 20% off every iPod, that’s some pretty good savings. Other outlets are holding very specific sales on some iPods. Each store is hoping that shoppers come for the deals and stay to purchase new accessories.

Here are the Apple iPod Black Friday 2015 deals we’ve managed to find. Gotta Be Mobile will continue to add iPod deals as they surface.

iPod Black Friday 2015 DealsPriceSavingsStoreDetails
iPad Nano 16GB119.229.8TargetEvery iPod Nano with 16GB of storage in any color.
iPod Shuffle 2GB39.29.8TargetEvery iPod Shuffle with 2GB of storage in assorted colors.
iPod Touch 199.249.8TargetiPod Touch (5th generation) with 32GB of storage. Assorted colors available.
iPod Touch179.9920HH GreegiPod Touch (5th Generation) with 16GB of storage in Space Gray.
iPod Touch 149.9950ToysRUsiPod Touch (5th Generation) $50 Off any regular priced iPod Touch.
iPod Touch16534Wal-MartiPod Touch (5th Generation) with 16GB of storage. Assorted colors available.
iPod Shuffle44.995Fred MeyeriPod Shuffle 2GB of storage. Assorted colors.
iPod Nano129.9920Fred MeyeriPod Nano with 16GB of storage. Assorted Colors.
iPod Touch22920Fred MeyeriPod Touch (5th Generation) With 32GB of storage. Assorted Colors. $20 Gift Card.
iPod Touch179.9920Fred MeyeriPod Touch (5th Generation) with 16GB of storage. Assorted Colors. $20 Gift Card.

Apple iPod Black Friday 2015 Deals: What You Need to Know

Apple includes almost everything you need when purchasing an Apple iPod. Apple iPods use a Lightning cable. They are included that with every new device it sells. Apple also includes a pair of its EarPod headphones too. If you or the person you’re buying for doesn’t like earbuds, plan on repurposing some of that Black Friday 2015 savings for a set of headphones.

When you get your new device home you’ll need to load your new device with music and video. The iPod Touch has direct access to the iTunes Music Store, iTunes Video Store and iTunes Podcast Store. Other iPods will need to be synced to your computer using the included cable and free iTunes Software that you download to your PC or Mac. Note that video only syncs to devices that have a screen, like the iPod Touch and iPod Nano.

Once you’ve connected to the iTunes Store, all the content that you’ve purchased before should sync effortlessly.

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