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Apple Is Talking About MobileMe Woes. (Sorta, Kinda)



MobilemeI imagine by now everyone has heard of the problems with Apple’s new MobileMe service that is touted as Exchange for the rest of us. The Contact and data syncing service that allows users to work with their data across multiple computers and platforms had major issues on launch day. Apparently for some  there are still major problems, with emails and data just disappearing. I’m up and running, but not really using the service as I’ve been busy and just haven’t had time to give it a go. I guess this is one time I’m glad real work is intruding on my bleeding edge behavior.

Apple had already extended the service for one extra month, (it costs $99 a year), for users who experienced early problems.  Even though Apple claims the problems are only affecting a small percentage of users (1%), they must be serious enough as Apple has broken its usual wall of silence and in a sort of quasi way started blogging about the problems. There are no real answers (or any name or authorship credit for that matter) but they are at least acknowledging that problems persist.

Apple certainly hasn’t had an easy go of the recent launches of the new iPhone, the App Store, and MobileMe, but I’m guessing there must be some pretty intense struggles going on for Apple to change its hush-mouth policies this way.  Apple obviously made a huge investment in the infrastructure to launch the service, and I can’t imagine they can afford to keep taking hits without some sort of PR strategy. this had gotten into the mass media  with Walt Mossberg saying the service isn’t ready and David Pogue reversing course on his earlier praise for the service.

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