Apple iWatch Concept Pairs iOS with Elegant Design
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Apple iWatch Concept Pairs iOS with Elegant Design



Apple is reportedly working on a wearable device, a device currently dubbed iWatch, that could hit shelves in the near future. And while we still don’t know what the watch looks like, fans of the company are showcasing their own iWatch concepts with the latest showing what an iWatch combining an elegant design with iOS might look like should Apple release it.

In the past few weeks, rumors about a new piece of wearable technology from Apple have surfaced with report suggesting that the company is working on a watch that is capable of handling some of the tasks that are currently handled by Apple’s other mobile product,s the iPhone and iPad.

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Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 4.56.47 PM

Isaac Royo’s iWatch concept combines a good looking design with iOS.

Details are a bit thin at this point but Apple is said to have dedicated a 100 person development team to the project which means that it may just be more than a test subject in an underground laboratory. And while we still have no idea what this iWatch might look like, we are starting to get a glimpse at what consumers think the iWatch could or should look like.

Yesterday, we saw a beautiful render of an iWatch emerge, showcasing both a potential design and possible features of Apple’s wearable device. Today, we’ve discovered another iWatch concept, courtesy of Isaac Royo from Device Station, which depicts an iWatch that combines a beautiful design complete with Retina Display and magnetic band that comes in a variety of colors and iOS software.

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The device comes equipped with Apple’s A5 processor, an 8-pin Lightning Dock connector, accelerometer and ambient light sensor, and battery life for up to five days. Royo also has equipped his concept with Siri, Passbook and other features found in Apple’s iOS 6, and features that could wind up on the actual device from Apple.

As for the actual iWatch from Apple, it’s unclear exactly what it might have on board and if it will be a companion device for iPhone and iPad owners or if it will be a standalone device. A release date for the device is not yet known.

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