Apple iWatch May Snap On Your Wrist By Year's End
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Apple iWatch May Snap On Your Wrist By Year’s End



A new report from Bloomberg claims Apple’s rumored iWatch may come to stores sometime before the end of 2013.

Bloomberg cites one of the people who claimed that Apple has a team of 100 people working on the wearable device. The person said “Apple seeks to introduce the device as soon as this year.” The wording leave it open for Apple to release the iWatch next year, but it seems there is a good chance the watch will make it to stores this year.

Apple currently has 79 patents that could pertain to a watch, or any other device worn on the wrist. One such patent uses a flexible display that’s powered by kinetic energy.


Anand Srinivasan, a Bloomberg Industries analyst says an iWatch could prove more profitable for Apple than a television. That could be why more recent Apple rumors focus on such a device instead of on the rumored iTV that Apple is potentially working on.

The Apple iWatch could compete with fitness trackers like the Nike+ FuelBand with its own built-in pedometer and sensors for measuring other data such as heart rate. With those sensors the iWatch would have more functionality than most fitness trackers, most of which only measure steps, calories burned and either stairs climbed or a proprietary dat point like Nike Fuel.

An Apple iWatch could also open the possibility of sending more data to smart watches all around. Currently smart watches like the Pebble can only receive a small amount of data from iOS, and some reviews claim users have to re-enable the data that does work every time the watch disconnects from the iPhone.

Apple’s iWatch would presumably be able to receive more data from the iPhone, especially if Apple uses a pared down version of iOS on the wearable. Those features may extend to other smart watches as well.

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