What the Apple iWatch Could Look Like (Video)

Apple is reportedly testing an iWatch in a top secret lab, and while we don’t have spy shots, we can share a great looking iWatch concept that shows what the Apple watch could look like.

The Apple iWatch rumors picked up this week with both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal adding support to the rumors.The latest rumors indicate Apple is planning a watch that runs iOS and one with a curved glass display.

This iWatch concept courtesy of Fuse Chicken, doesn’t include the curved display, but it does show how Apple could design a connected watch.

Apple iwatch Render - 3

iWatch concept showing a take on Apple’s wearable computer.

Fuse Chicken’s iWatch concept includes a design inspired by the iPhone 5, with chamfered edges and the same color options. The iWatch is thinner than the iPhone 5 at .25-inch thick because it is a companion device that doesn’t need the same internal parts as the iPhone. In this design the watch charges with a Lightning connection and would offer 3-5 days of battery life.

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This iWatch would allow users to stream music to a pair of headphones from the iPhone using Bluetooth and would allow users to make calls with their wristwatch thanks to a speaker and microphone. In this design  the overall size of the watch is 1.25″ by 1.25″, leaving off a widescreen display for a better fit and ditching the keyboard.

Apple iwatch Render - 5

The iWatch would take calls over Bluetooth.

The iWatch would connect to the iPhone with Bluetooth 4.0 to push notifications and share connectivity, and would ship with built-in apps including; Weather, Voice memo,Clock Faces, iPod, App Store, Calendar, Reminders, Messages, Alarm and Stocks. In this iWatch concept there would be a special iWatch app store with new apps. The watch would feature complete iOS notification center integration, control Bluetooth calls and music as well as handle text messages.

This concept also includes a small camera which would likely allow users to take and make Facetime calls from the iWatch, without the need to take their iPhone out.

Apple iWatch Concept Video

This iWatch concept includes a single button for control on the right side of the iWatch. A short press would act like a standard home button and a long press would act as a power button. The right side of the phone also includes the Lightning port so users can charge the watch at night while they charge their iPhone.

Apple iwatch Render - 1

Apple iWatch concept with a locking band design.

Fuse Chicken believes Apple will place a lot of attention on the design of the watch strap, so this concept includes a 2 piece rigid design that pivots into locked positions for a secure fit and an easy removal at the end of the day.

The iWatch is still just a rumor, like the Apple HDTV that is supposedly hidden in a secret lair in Cupertino, but with advances in wearable computing and the chance for more profits sales and from iWatch specific apps, it’s hard believe Apple isn’t at least working on some form of a connected watch.

Apple iWatch Concept Gallery