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Did Apple Know About Defects and Still Release iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c?



It looks like Apple may have known about some small manufacturing defects with the construction of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and still let the phones off the assembly line. Fortunately, though, for iPhone buyers today, Apple will cover the issues with these defects for free as part of its standard warranty so a $99 AppleCare+ policy for the iPhone isn’t needed.

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One online publication had access to an internal Apple document that outlines some of those flaws, with qualities ranging from hairline fractures in the glass, a bent enclosure on the aluminum casing of the iPhone 5s, and lint entering the display on either phone models.

But Pocket-lint has seen an internal Apple document – one that is usually intended for employees – that outlines exactly that.  It details the types of faults that might be encountered by iPhone 5S or iPhone 5Cowners, and which ones are legitimately serviceable free of charge and which ones might incur a charge. It also lists a few that aren’t serviceable at all.

It’s unclear if the document suggests that there are problems with the manufacturing of the iPhone, if Apple had foreseen these issues due to its testing of the devices, or if Apple just wants to outline all possible scenarios that could or won’t be covered under a standard warranty situation.


In the past, with the iPhone 5, many customers, especially with the black model, noticed that out of the box there were definite issues with the manufacturing process. Those models showed scratches on the rear aluminum casing as well as little scrapes along the chamfered edges. Apple was rumored to revamp its quality control process, but the company did not admit any wrongdoing, noting that it was just normal wear and tear.

According to Pocket-lint, what isn’t covered under warranty includes user abuse, misuse, or accidental damage, including cracked screens as a result of drops, water or liquid damage, and any normal wear and tear of the phone.

Problems not covered include liquid damage confirmed by the user, evidence of internal corrosion, any chips or fractures in the glass, LCD display fractures under the glass, or a damaged Lightning connector. Also not included in the warranty are extreme abrasions, puncture holes or missing or damaged buttons. Split enclosures and audio jack damage where the hole is plugged with foreign material are also a no-no.

Your mileage may vary, and if you have a malfunctioning iPhone for whatever reason, you should contact Apple first to explore your options. Apple has been known to be generous with its warranty services as long as it’s not a blatantly obvious user abuse situation.



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  3. Tammy

    11/01/2014 at 6:00 pm

    The IPhone 5c is a terrible product. I’ve had to have the phone replaced three times now due to manufacture defects. Apple will not compensate me with a different style of phone, they just keep giving me this same crapy IPhone 5c. I truly wish someone would bring down punishment on the idiots who designed, and put this phone on the market. If you want to keep your sanity, and not go postal, stay away from this product.

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